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Are you a teacher or school administrator who is looking for a fun school field trip idea that’s off the beaten path? Welcome to the Museum of Illusions Dallas, where kids learn in a multisensory, interactive environment that teaches them about the science of perception, optical illusion, and cognition. But don’t tell the kids that—they’ll just think they’re having fun! We welcome school groups from local elementary, middle, and high schools here in Dallas, and we also offer school events for college students.

Our Group Events for High School Students and Younger Kids

The Museum of Illusions Dallas offers mind-blowing exhibits that are appropriate for students of all ages. Kids in elementary, middle, and high school will love a visit to our unique museum, which strives to spark playfulness alongside self-reflection and curiosity. We also welcome groups of college students, whom we’ve found to have just as much fun interacting with our exhibits as the younger kids.

During our school group events, your students will explore our hands-on, multisensory environment and have fun while learning about all things STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Some of our most popular exhibits are:

  • Ames Room – The Ames Room is a masterpiece in visual distortion. As your students walk from one end of the room to another, they appear to shrink and grow. We’ve found that younger kids in particular love the illusion that they’ve suddenly become taller than their teachers!
  • The Vortex Tunnel – During your students’ walk through our Vortex Tunnel, they’ll think the ground under them is moving when it’s remaining completely still! Handrails are available for safety.
  • Infinity Room – The Infinity Room is a multisensory blast for kids, who will marvel at the optical illusion of infinity.

How Are Our School Events Different?

Most school kids welcome the opportunity to get outside the classroom and explore new places during field trips. We believe that learning can be—and should be—fun, not just educational.

During these group events for high school students, middle schoolers, and elementary children, attendees will marvel as they explore how their perceptions work and how the brain processes information. Yet, they’ll have so much fun that they won’t realize they’re learning!

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